The Yāna Definition Of
Clinical Biomechanics:

“A branch of biomechanics that applies principles of engineering towards patient care. Particularly, in the analysis of human movement to identify pathology, define clinical trajectory, aid treatment decisions and objectively monitor progress.”

Our Vision

At Yana Motion Lab, we aim to lead in movement measurement and digital medicine for motion health. Our vision is to produce clinical-grade data efficiently and cost-effectively for our partners and clients.

Accuracy & Consistency

Yāna Motion Lab™ proprietary studio design provides clinical accuracy & session-to-session repeatability. Subjects are guided by qualified & trained Yana Studio technicians. Provide consistent and visible reference of individual movement data against a healthy population and personal baseline signature.

Technology & Services

Motion Capture Studio

Utilizes latest generation digital cameras and custom software. Requires a minimum of 8 synchronized cameras for clinical-grade data. Engaging, Empowering & Enlightening (E3) environment for subjects with guidance from Yāna Studio Technicians.

Biomechanical Processing

Yana uses Theia Markerless™ for clinically validated, markerless motion capture processing. Theia3D™ software is the industry 'gold' standard that leverages deep learning algorithms to accurately predict the positions of over 100+ landmarks to create a scaled 3D model. Validated as precise and reliable, equivalent to traditional marker-based systems.

Precision & Reliability

Yana Motion Lab™ studio software & protocols are designed for session repeatability. Incorporates 'normative' reference datasets for healthy physiological motion comparison. Theia3D™ software ensures clinical-grade precision and processing accuracy.

Benefits & Efficiency

Session Efficiency

No markers or physical contact required.Technician guidance through movement protocols for efficient subject throughput.

Clothing & Studio

No 'green' room required; regular (proper fitting) clothing provides accurate biomechanical data. Focuses on individual subjects, ensuring very precise data capture. Markerless process eliminates skin motion artifacts, ensuring clean data capture.

Observer Effect

Yana Studio experience and markerless motion capture reduces subject behaviour changes due to observation, nervousness & fatigue to better maintain natural movement patterns.


Critical for progress tracking and injury recovery management. Markerless motion capture is superior for session-to-session repeatability. (No marker placement error).