Yāna Body Motion Assessment Report

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Motion Reporting Made Simple

The Yāna Body Motion Assessment report is the first-ever report to identify what “normal” motion should be. Our report helps you to identify existing movement patterns and compensations, and it also serves as a guide for applying correct stabilization. When you receive your client/patient’s report, you’ll find it easy to compare their results with “normal” so that you can quickly and accurately identify all the areas that need improvement or adjustment. Our experience is many clinicians are surprised by the amount of information provided that they were unable to assess with their observational assessment.

What is the Yāna Report?


How Do I Read My Client/Patient's Report?
The Yāna Body Motion Assessment report is broken into 3 sections and presented for both you and your client's/patient's and/or their other motion health experts to read and understand.


What is the Yāna Normative Index (YNI) & Yāna Normative Range (YNR)?
The YNI is a single number and the graph of normal movement that represents the degree of agreement between your movement and a representative sample of normal individuals. The higher the number, the closer your movements are to normal.


What Are the Next Steps?
If abnormalities are noted, you now have a blueprint for action and treatment planning for your clients or patients. We provide complimentary consultations to your team to ensure the information is clearly understood.

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What's Inside The Body Motion Assessment Report

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Body Summary Report

Body Summary Report

This page provides a high level look at each of the major joints in a person's body and provides the Yana Normative Index for that particular joint. The colours of the dots are a quick representation of the degrees of alignment the movement had to our database of normal human movements.
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Bio-Mechanical Summary

Bio-Mechanical Summary

The Yana report includes a written summary provided by our biomechanist trained in the interpretation of this data. Our bodies are more than the sum of their parts and so we look at the relationships between the movements of joints and how they impact each other.
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Body Detail Reporting

Body Detail Reporting

In this section, we provide a profile for each of the assessment areas and, when appropriate, compare right and left sides looking for asymmetrical movements. Each graph shows the client/patient's unique movement profile as compared to the Yāna Normative Range. Presented in a tabular format, our report is in line with traditional methods.

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The Paradigm Shift

The advances in computational and cloud processing and motion capture technology have created a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in the tracking, set-up and measurement of musculoskeletal health and range of motion. In as little as 30 minutes you will have an objective, accurate and comprehensive look at your client’s complete movement pattern. This technology was simply not possible before and is more accurate and reproducible than techniques presently used. We like to think about markerless motion capture like a doctor performing a CT scan; while they can examine a patient with their hands, a CT scan gives far more information about their patient’s body and is now a gold standard evaluation tool for healthcare professionals around the globe. Yāna’s 3D markerless motion capture techniques and proprietary reporting protocols represent the same leap in information gathering and will soon be the new gold standard in musculoskeletal assessment.

Why Yāna?

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Simple & Non-Invasive

3D markerless motion capture does not require any time-consuming set-up, marker placements or wearable devices. The client simply wears regular, authentic clothing and footwear to their session.

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We have the world’s leading 3D markerless motion analysis measuring system validated for clinical use. This allows a new best practice standard in motion measurement accuracy.

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Objective & Clear Results

The Yāna proprietary motion assessment report provides visual, graphical, and tabular data for your clients, clinicians and health and wellness professionals to help the client understand how they move.

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Quick Assessment

A body motion assessment session takes 15-30 minutes, and a Body Motion Assessment report will be available within 1 business day.

Standardized Tests

Yāna has developed and certified professional staff to provide a repeatable assessment each and every time.

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An Objective Assessment System

An objective assessment system without cumbersome markers and straps, our assessments are more objective and more comfortable than the alternatives. Our motion studio is equipped with eight synchronized high-definition cameras that capture a person’s movements in 3D during a 15 to 30-minute session. At Yāna Motion Lab™, we commit to providing individuals with our services at a low cost, and in a time efficient manner for an altogether positive and convenient experience. We have a passion for helping providers and healthcare experts with accurate reproducible comprehensive data to help individuals on the road to more accessible and comfortable care. Discover the benefits of a 3D Markerless musculoskeletal assessment by contacting Yāna today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a database of healthy, non-injured subjects that have been repeatedly measured using our standardized testing and procedures. The data from these individuals has been extracted to produce a graph of a typical, healthy movement pattern (Yāna waveform) against which we compare their movements.

A rapid report can be delivered to your facility in minutes to hours. The full bio-mechanically reviewed report will be available to you within 72 hours of the completed session.

The graphs for that movement will show up as “not applicable” on the report, and this will be reflected in the score for that part of the body. The movements that were unable to be performed will be discussed on the assessment summary page.

Assessing spinal posture is best achieved with x-ray scoliograms, if deemed relevant by your medical professional. The consensus on spinal posture is that it is largely irrelevant and the movement of surrounding joints is more critical to injury risk and function.

The Yāna markerless system offers more in-depth data than a marker-based system, measuring kinematics with accurate vertical ground reaction force estimations.