Why Do I Need Yāna?

Yāna Motion Lab™
Advanced Assessment Services

The Yāna Motion Lab E3 advantage:

  1. ENGAGE: Designed from the ground up to involve the patient / client and bring them into the motion health discussion with advanced assessment technology and detailed digital reports.
  2. EMPOWER: All partners in the motion health journey with objective data to proactively invest in future movement wellness.
  3. ENLIGHTEN: Educate individuals regarding the importance and opportunity to better understand and unlock an optimal motion health journey.

Yāna Motion App

Discover Yana Motion Advanced Biomechanical Analysis - the app revolutionizing biomechanical analysis with clinical-grade insights, available on Google and iOS devices.

Optimized User-Friendly Motion Health Data - explore the depths of motion lab results, once the domain of experts, now transformed into an intuitive, user-friendly interface that puts the power of your personal motion health at your fingertips

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Our technology transforms your daily activities into a personalized motion health profile. By monitoring how you move every day, we provide insights that not only help prevent future injuries but also optimize your overall performance and well-being.

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Using advanced analysis, we identify specific risk factors tailored to your body. This empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and fitness routines, reducing the likelihood of injuries and long-term wear and tear.

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Our platform tracks and interprets your movement changes over time with precision. Whether you're recovering from an injury or striving for peak performance, this detailed analysis helps you monitor progress, adjust rehabilitation plans, and achieve your movement goals effectively.