What Is Yāna?


a baseline of everyday movements to better inform regarding future injury


risk factors in motion health to aid corrective action in case of future injury


changes in movements over time from either everyday activities or in recovery from musculo-skeletal injury

The Yāna Solution

The Yāna motion capture system records thousands of movements during a brief standardized movement assessment. Yāna not only records the motions but, through our partnership with the best motion analysis software in the world, we also synthesizes and analyzes the data. The result is objective data, not only delivered in a more focused approach but also unparalleled as a reproducible and meaningful evaluation tool. In essence, we can provide any person with their unique musculoskeletal signature, a blood pressure monitor for bones and joints. With this information, trained and certified professionals can provide a number of essential services such as pre-employment screenings, primary injury prevention, post-injury analysis, and session to session monitoring.

What Makes Yāna Different?

The Yāna motion analysis is the end product of over a decade of study and research. We are partners with THEIA 3D Markerless who have pushed the boundaries 3D markerless motion capture analysis. Yāna completely replaces present technology. Today’s options are either outdated, inconsistent, or time-consuming. At Yāna, we record an individual during a series of standardized movements and then analyze those movements to create an objective, reliable and reproducible musculoskeletal signature that is unique to that individual. Yāna’s assessment of a person’s functional movement analysis is performed within 30 minutes. Our service bridges the gap between a subjective exam and diagnostic imaging such as MRIs and CT scans. Markerless motion capture, as used by Yāna, makes it possible to process up to 100 patients each day. The equipment used is at a cost point that allows for integration into clinical environments, and the process is simple enough for non-biomechanists to utilize its output. Yāna delivers a more focused and objective approach to injury and disability management, as well as an unparalleled, repeatable, and meaningful evaluation tool.