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Revolutionizing Sports Injury Prevention

In a study of high-level athletes, markerless capture technology was successful in predicting over 80% of future injuries. The sensitivity of the Yāna system grants training staff the opportunity to see changes in motion patterns, indicating any issues before they become apparent. Recognizing differences in movement patterns allows for the implementation of specific preventive exercises and results in reduced injuries for athletes. Our range of motion assessments can help keep athletes physically healthy by identifying limitations, incorporating biomechanical and physiological interventions, and monitoring athletic progress. Injuries can be devastating to career athletes, but Yāna has the first practical and reproducible technology for sports injury prevention.

Is Yāna For My Clients/Patients?


Does Yāna Prevent Injuries?
We hope that any findings from our assessment can be used to guide your clients/patients on a path of increasing their performance and reducing certain injury risks when acted upon. We know by reducing risk factors the chance of injury can also be reduced.


Can't Someone Just Go to the Gym?
They could, but what our assessment offers is a way to enhance the way they should train by identifying the areas of their body that require work. These are areas that may be missed by visual and standard video based assessments.


I’m a Coach; How Can This Help Me?
We can provide valuable pre-season performance testing that will help you identify the athletes in your team that may need more specific regimes to enhance their performance and physical robustness. Our assessment can also be used to inform you when an injured athlete has achieved their previous level of performance.

Put Your Client/Patient’s Health First. Experience all that Yāna has to offer.

The Paradigm Shift of Sports Injury Prevention

The advances in computational and cloud processing and motion capture technology have created a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in the tracking, set-up and measurement of musculoskeletal health and range of motion. In as little as 30 minutes you will have an objective, accurate and comprehensive look at your client’s complete movement pattern. This technology was simply not possible before and is more accurate and reproducible than techniques presently used. We like to think about markerless motion capture like a doctor performing a CT scan; while they can examine a patient with their hands, a CT scan gives far more information about their patient’s body and is now a gold standard evaluation tool for healthcare professionals around the globe. Yāna’s 3D markerless motion capture techniques and proprietary reporting protocols represent the same leap in information gathering and will soon be the new gold standard in musculoskeletal assessment.

Yāna’s Solution For Sports Injury Prevention

In addition to being a helpful tool for sports injury prevention, Yāna’s movement analysis technology is beneficial in identifying appropriate return to play following a concussion. The decision for an athlete to return to a sport is best served under the direction of an appropriately trained medical professional in the area of concussion management. Any assessment on performance may help aid that decision, but the Yāna method of musculoskeletal analysis can produce a highly effective concussion assessment. Following an assessment and the necessary medical clearance to return to play, we can monitor an athlete’s performance to ensure the level of performance achieved is equivalent to his or her pre-injury performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A patient or client should come to the Yāna Motion Lab™ for any of the following reasons:

  • Routine preventative motion health maintenance
  • Starting a new training regime
  • The beginning of an athletic season
  • After an injury at work
  • Post athletic injury
  • Before starting a new job
  • After a car accident
  • Before starting physiotherapy
  • After any musculoskeletal injury

They should wear comfortable activewear and running shoes when they come to the lab. It’s ideal if they wear clothing that doesn’t restrict their movement in any way. You will be provided with advice in this area as part of the Yana support.