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Leveraging Technology for the Future

Having a tool that is new, innovative and unique is not only exciting and fun but comes with some degree of responsibility. The Yāna team believes and is committed to the utilization of this tool, in collaboration with other health care researchers. We want to use our resources to discover new ways of leveraging our technology that may completely change the way we can assess and support all members of our society. If you are part of a team that could utilize our services for pure research, please contact us to arrange a time to discuss your ideas and how we can work together to provide wellness through motion.

Is Yāna For My Client's/Patient's?


Will There Be Any Additional Tools?
Yes. As our services increase, we expect to incorporate appropriate technology to enhance our capabilities. We strive to utilize the best of the best technology for our purposes which requires us to ensure it is appropriately valid and accurate.


What’s Next For the Research?
That’s where you come in. We have researched a number of ways Yāna technology can benefit the general public, but we know we’ve only scratched the surface. Join our team of medical and scientific researchers to help us reach new heights.


Is the Technology Accurate?
If it wasn’t, we wouldn't be here. The Yāna technology has gone through rigorous testing, and you can count on the results.

Put Your Client/Patient’s Health First. Experience all that Yāna has to offer.

The Paradigm Shift

The advances in computational and cloud processing and motion capture technology have created a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in the tracking, set-up and measurement of musculoskeletal health and range of motion. In as little as 30 minutes you will have an objective, accurate and comprehensive look at your client’s complete movement pattern. This technology was simply not possible before and is more accurate and reproducible than techniques presently used. We like to think about markerless motion capture like a doctor performing a CT scan; while they can examine a patient with their hands, a CT scan gives far more information about their patient’s body and is now a gold standard evaluation tool for healthcare professionals around the globe. Yāna’s 3D markerless motion capture techniques and proprietary reporting protocols represent the same leap in information gathering and will soon be the new gold standard in musculoskeletal assessment.

Yāna’s Unique Assessment System

Yāna not only provides assessment services to a wide range of industries, companies and individuals, but we can also work with you and your team to develop unique and customizable assessment packages to answer your questions and support your mission and success. Contact us to discuss how we can help you move forward and provide a new and powerful tool to your clients, customers and friends. We have already seen tremendous results when it comes to using markerless motion capture for analyzing musculoskeletal health, but we believe there are new heights to be reached and additional research to be done.

Our System is Capable of:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are other 3D markerless motion systems out, but:

  • We use the ONLY FDA CLEARED markerless system
  • Yāna Motion Lab™’s approach to analysis is unique due to our database and the analysis of the data which has led to the Yāna Normative Index and the Yāna Normative Range waveforms. No one has done that before.

The Yāna markerless system offers more in-depth data than a marker-based system, measuring kinematics with accurate vertical ground reaction force estimations.