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Objective Range of Motion Assessments

The Yāna Motion Lab™ team offers the most objective musculoskeletal assessment available. With Yāna’s proprietorial body motion data analysis and reporting, we identify inefficiencies in biomechanical movements which may otherwise go undetected during a traditional musculoskeletal exam by another healthcare provider. Yana is proud to use ‘best-of-breed’ 3D markerless motion capture technology from THEIA 3D  which  makes it possible for range of motion assessments to be objective and comprehensive. Now, with Yāna, 3D markerless motion capture is possible in minutes, processing takes seconds, and actionable reports are available within hours.

Yāna Motion Lab™
Proprietary Motion Analysis Utilizing Clinically Validated Markerless Motion Capture Technology


Does this really work?
If it didn't, we wouldn't be here. The Yāna technology has gone through rigorous testing and has been independently validated in the scientific literature. You can count on its results.


Are the measurements accurate enough to be clinically useful?
The degree of precision and data provided is superior to anything that is available today. Healthcare professionals from multiple fields can use our report to support a client or patient's motion health goals.


Are the results comparable from session to session and lab to lab?
Each studio uses standardized repeatable processes, certified staff, and consistent technology to ensure session to session reliability.

Yāna Motion Lab™ is accurate, precise, and consistent. 

How It Works

The Yana Studio

The Yana Studio

In our state of the art studio, we utilize high definition, synchronized cameras, green room technology and specific protocols to capture movements with 100% accuracy.

The Motion Capture

The Motion Capture

In our motion studio, we utilize the latest generation THEIA 3D markerless motion capture technology to digitally define the space and isolate the human frame as a 3D object.

The Yana Bridge™ Data Engine

The Yana Bridge™ Data Engine

Once the data is captured, we analyze it and utilize our proprietary software to compare to standardized normals.

The Yana Report

The Yana Report

Armed with this data, you measure your client/patients against themselves, over time and against our normative index. We also provide you with an easy to understand report.

Take the first step to your motion health

What to Expect From a Range of Motion Assessment

Our services include packages for full-body motion assessments, upper-body motion assessments, and lower-body motion assessments. A full-body motion assessment consists of an in-depth analysis of 30+ carefully selected movements that will allow our certified technicians to identify symptomatic or asymptomatic areas that need improvement or adjustment. Assessments performed in our lab take only 15 to 30 minutes. 


We invite you to come wearing comfortable activewear clothing and running shoes. You’ll be asked to do a series of regular, everyday movement without having to wear markers or other devices.  High definition synchronized cameras capture your movements and the gigabytes of data are securely uploaded and analyzed by the most advanced human movement database in the world. You’ll then receive your full Yāna assessment report within 3 business days.

Why Yāna?

Movement analysis PK1

Simple & Non-Invasive

3D markerless motion capture does not require any time-consuming set-up, marker placements or wearable devices. The client simply wears regular, authentic clothing and footwear to their session.

Movement analysis PK1


We have the world’s leading 3D markerless motion analysis measuring system validated for clinical use. This allows a new best practice standard in motion measurement accuracy.

Movement analysis PK1

Objective & Clear Results

The Yāna proprietary motion assessment report provides visual, graphical, and tabular data for your clients, clinicians and health and wellness professionals to help the client understand how they move.

Movement analysis PK1

Quick Assessment

A body motion assessment session takes 15-30 minutes, and a Body Motion Assessment report will be available within 1 business day.

Standardized Tests

Yāna has developed and certified professional staff to provide a repeatable assessment each and every time.

We're Changing the World of Musculoskeletal Assessments

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Revolutionary Range of Motion Assessments


Over the past few years, Yāna Motion Lab™ has combined considerable amounts of data research to create the first ever motion lab of its kind. We provide an unparalleled, repeatable, and meaningful evaluation tool for understanding and evaluating motion health. Our range of motion assessment is a more focused and objective approach to understanding a person’s motion health or injury and disability management. With the information from the detailed body motion assessment report, your clinicians (treating professionals in healthcare or athletic therapy industries) can comfortably increase patient activity levels for optimal recovery, with fewer setbacks, and prevent overuse injuries during activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no other 3D markerless motion systems that have been designed for accuracy, speed and cost effective assessments.

Yāna Motion Lab™’s approach to analysis is unique due to our database and the analysis of the data which has led to the Yāna Normative Index and the Yāna Normative Range waveforms. No one has done that before. 

Motion analysis alone cannot diagnose injury. What we do provide is the only clinically validated, objective tool that measures human movement that is critical in healing and wellness. 

A movement waveform shows the degree of movement that a person has and how they got there. It tracks the trajectory of their movement from start to finish and not just the range of motion start and end points. This is the Yāna Motion Lab ™ difference; no one has been able to provide this before.

We do not. Vertical ground reaction force is estimated using a validated mathematical method that requires full body motion capture and tracking the estimated centre of mass. Scientific literature can be provided if needed.

Assessing spinal posture is best achieved with x-ray scoliograms, if deemed relevant by a medical professional. The consensus on spinal posture is that it is largely irrelevant and the movement of surrounding joints is more critical to injury risk and function.

The Yāna markerless system offers more in-depth data than a marker-based system, measuring kinematics with accurate vertical ground reaction force estimations.