The Yāna Motion Lab™ Experience

Experience Wellness for Your Clients or Patients Through Motion Analysis with 3D Markerless Motion Capture

Yāna invites you to be a part of a new age of health and wellness. Understanding the movement of your clients or patient’s body is essential for them to live life to the fullest. We are born to move, but modern day life has made it easy to sit still. A motion analysis from Yāna can provide powerful insights into the way a person’s daily movements, or lack thereof, affect their overall health and enjoyment of life. A range of motion assessment could also prevent an injury in an upcoming athletic season, pinpoint the source of chronic pain, or illuminate an effective treatment plan for a musculoskeletal injury.  

Is Yāna For My Clients or Patients?


What Happens in the Lab?
When they enter your Yana Motion Lab, they are given a comprehensive body movement assessment relevant to your preferences or situation. You will be able to provide a white labelled detailed report within 1 business day.


What Do They Do?
Yāna uses the best technological solutions available in Canada to measure motion and health metrics. By providing your clients with objective unbiased data and utilizing Yāna proprietary data and the Yāna motion report, we hope to empower you with a tool to assess more accurately, faster and with the confidence you have the whole picture in the pursuit of better motion health.


Which Assessment Do They Need?
A Yāna assessment can do everything from a preliminary motion screen to more athletic-inspired motion analyses. We also do specific upper and lower body reviews. We can also design bespoke assessments for specific particular situation. Please talk to us about your individual needs.

Put Your Clients/Patients Motion Health First. Experience All That Yāna Has to Offer.

The Process

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Come To The Appointment

Book an Appointment

Just book an appointment for your clients like you would for any service you provide in your clinic, office or organization. Whether you have a Yana Motion Lab in-house or via third party provider it is the same procedure.
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Be Ready For Your Assessment

Be Ready For Your Assessment

To achieve the best results and range of motion, participants should wear comfortable clothing and running shoes or their occupational uniform.
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Follow Motion Instructions

Follow Motion Instructions

During the assessment, clients be guided to follow simple instructions for completing movements by the Motion Studio Technician.
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Motion Reports

Get Your Motion Report

Standard reports will be available within 1 business day. We’ve made it simple to read and understand and discuss with your clients/patients.

It is easy to bring Motion Health Measurement to your business.

What to Expect From 3D Markerless Motion Capture

Yāna’s musculoskeletal assessment of a person’s movement profile through 3D markerless motion capture is performed in a lab in only 15 to 30 minutes. Patients and clients can be invited to come wearing comfortable activewear clothing and clean running shoes. They will need to do a series of regular, everyday movements without having to wear markers or other devices that may decrease the ability to test natural motions. 8 high definition synchronized cameras capture their movements and the data is then securely uploaded and analyzed in our advanced human movement database. Standard reports are available in 1 business day. We can also provide additional services such as having a certified biomechanist review and generate a detailed Biomechanical report. 

Why Yāna?

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Simple & Non-Invasive

3D markerless motion capture does not require any time-consuming set-up, marker placements or wearable devices. The client simply wears regular, authentic clothing and footwear to their session.

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We have the world’s leading 3D markerless motion analysis measuring system validated for clinical use. This allows a new best practice standard in motion measurement accuracy.

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Objective & Clear Results

The Yāna proprietary motion assessment report provides visual, graphical, and tabular data for your clients, clinicians and health and wellness professionals to help the client understand how they move.

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Quick Assessment

A body motion assessment session takes 15-30 minutes, and a Body Motion Assessment report will be available within 1 business day.

Standardized Tests

Yāna has developed and certified professional staff to provide a repeatable assessment each and every time.

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