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Learn How Yāna Motion Can Help Identify Risks For Future Injuries

The future is here. When it comes to assessing musculoskeletal and motion health, it has always been a struggle to get useful information for patients. What happens if twisting one way is impacting another part of your body? What happens if you kicking your left leg is triggering a muscle on your right hip? It’s a complicated process to sort out for healthcare professionals (let alone non-healthcare people), and time-consuming.

Well, we did say the future is here. 

Yāna Motion Lab has now developed the technology so that you can get a complete report on your musculoskeletal and motion health – helping you identify the potential risk of future injuries. 

What Does Yāna Motion Lab Offer? 

Yāna Motion is a state-of-the-art lab that is leading to the line in Musculoskeletal Assessment. Our proprietary 3D markerless motion capture system goes beyond regular assessments by providing you with a comprehensive report of your musculoskeletal and motion health.  

With the advancements in data and motion capture technology, we can keep track and measure our clients. In less than 30 minutes, we can take a complete look at your movement pattern, so we can see where your body might potentially have issues. It is the first step for you to prevent future injuries occurring. 

What Does The 3D Markerless Motion Test Do?   

Firstly, you have to prepare for the 3D markerless motion system.  You will be active during your assessment so comfortable flexible clothing that you can easily work out in is all you have to wear.  Athletic clothing is ideal, as well as athletic shoes (as they will give you the support and traction you need). 

As stylish as you want to be, darker colors are better as you will be performing in a ‘green room’ (just like the movies) and darker colors provide a better contrast between the background and you. Please don’t wear light green clothes. 

Onto the test itself; the FDA cleared, 3D markerless motion system is considered the gold standard of reviewing and assessing a person’s motion health as it can record thousands of movements in a brief test. You will be asked to do a range of movements – jumping, crouching, stretching – so our team can assess you in every possible angle through eight high-definition synchronized cameras. 

Movement analysis PK1

Once you have completed your movements, the data will be uploaded and analyzed thanks to our partnership with the largest and most advanced database management company in the world. Your data will be optimized by a trained biomechanist, who will create a report that you and your healthcare professional can understand your unique musculoskeletal signature and how your body moves. 

This comprehensive body motion assessment report will be available to you and your healthcare provider within three business days following your test. 

How Is It Possible To Identify Future Injuries? 

The Yāna motion report is not just a few words – it’s a full-on in-depth analysis that will ensure that you and your healthcare providers understand how you move. The report will include visuals, graphics and tabular data, and will be broken into three sections: Body Summary Report, Biomechanical Summary and Body Detail Reporting.

But how does help with identifying future injuries? 

The report can be used as a baseline to assess how your musculoskeletal works with your movements, and where your ‘trigger points’ might be. The report will be able to identify existing movement patterns and compensations, so you have a baseline where you need stabilization. You will be able to get a treatment plan started so that you can get your movement correctly stabilized. 

Your healthcare professional will be able to monitor your health and highlight the spots where you risk future injuries. More so, changes to your movements over time can be noted, and therefore, highlight the risk of new injuries emerging in future. From there, your healthcare provider can support you with a preventative plan so you can avoid any potential injuries in the future. 

The report can also be used if you suffer an injury. You will be able to track your current movements and relate it to your Yana motion report. With such in-depth analysis, your healthcare professional can organize a schedule for you to increase your activity levels comfortably. That way, you can recover quicker and with fewer setbacks along the way. 

There is no better way to assess and identify the potential injuries in your musculoskeletal and motion health than with our Yāna motion report. We can help you stop any preventative injuries from happening, as well as make sure that we can get your body aligned to what it should be. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to improve your health. 

Yāna Motion is on the cutting edge of motion assessment reporting and 3D markerless motion capture. We desire to improve the process of injury assessment and streamline post-injury recovery tracking through our new and innovative methods. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, an athlete preparing for the season ahead, a health care professional looking for better ways to approach your patient’s need, or you’re looking for an assessment to help you live and move more effectively, Yāna Motion has the solution. Contact us for more information. Phone: (604) 719-2783 | Email: info@Yānamotion.com

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