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How to Prepare For A Motion Lab Assessment For The Best Results

By utilizing the latest technological solutions available in Canada, Yana Motion can measure the health and motion of our clients. With a motion lab assessment, our experts collect unbiased, objective  data for your movements, and provide you with a report detailing your motion health. 

Coming prepared is key when it comes to getting ideal results from your motion lab assessment. Turning up unprepared can you see get an uneven movement analysis, thereby affecting the potential for your motion health to improve. 

To avoid any indiscretions, it is better for you to understand what the motion lab assessment consists of and how you can prepare for it. 

What To Expect From Our Motion Lab Assessment 

With the 3D markerless motion capture system – the gold standard of data and motion capture technology – in our possession, you will be able to get an effective top-to-bottom overview of your motion health. The 3D markerless motion system can measure and record your movement in a brief 15-30-minute test. 

You will be in a green room (much like the movies) with eight high-definition synchronized cameras surrounding you. As you move around the system will detect and record your motions. Data will then be compiled from the test, and you will be given a detailed report between 2-3 business  days after your visit. 

motion lab assessment

The test can be tailored to suit your needs. You can get anything from a baseline motion assessment to a more athletic-inspired motion analysis, depending on the results you want, and your health condition. 

Adjusting The Test To Suit Your  Condition

Our motion lab assessment can be used by anyone who requires an in-depth look at their musculoskeletal. Our assessment can serve: 

  • Those who are suffering from chronic pain
  • Athletes recovering from an injury
  • Occupational health and rehabilitation 
  • Active and health-conscious individuals 

However, it is important that upon your appointment that you provide the Yana Motion team with all the information required about your health condition. 

For example: if you are a chronic sufferer with low-back pain, you have to inform us so that we can adjust the assessment accordingly. Or if you need only a specific part of your body assessed, we will scale the evaluation to include motions for that part only. 

The more information you provide to our team, the better we will be able to tailor the test, so you get the optimum results. 

Preparing For Your Motion Lab Assessment 

As you would have duly noted, your motion lab assessment requires you to be active. You will be asked to go through a range of motions, such as crouching, jumping, stretching and lunging to get the full scope of your motion health. It is, therefore, vital that you come prepared to be active and comfortable for your assessment. 

Here is how to turn up for your motion lab assessment at Yana Motion: 

  • Wear comfortable and active clothing, which allows you to move easily. Athletic apparel is ideal as you will need the stretch and openness to move around. The more flexible you are with your clothing, the easier the test will be for you. 
  • Dark clothing is best, as you will be in the ‘green room’, and lighter colors are not observed as effectively as darker colors. Dark clothes provide a clear contrast between yourself and the green background, giving the system a better chance to accurately record your movements. Under no circumstances should you wear bright green clothing, as you will blend into the background. 
  • As for shoes, make sure that you wear your gym or running shoes. Tight working shoes will restrict your movement, which will affect your flexibility and therefore, your results. 
  • If you have long hair, you will have to tie it into a ponytail, or a bun. During your assessment, your neck movements will be measured (yes we measure that too). 

The assessment will be simple and easy for you. Our team will make sure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process. For those suffering from chronic or severe pain, we will take extra steps to ensure that we can get you the results you need, without incurring additional pain. Our assessment will get you onto the path of recovery, help you identify any potential future injuries, and improve your well-being. 

Yāna Motion is on the cutting edge of motion assessment reporting and 3D markerless motion capture. We desire to improve the process of injury assessment and streamline post-injury recovery tracking through our new and innovative methods. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, an athlete preparing for the season ahead, a health care professional looking for better ways to approach your patient’s need, or you’re looking for an assessment to help you live and move more effectively, Yāna Motion has the solution. Contact us for more information. Phone: (604) 719-2783 | Email: info@Yā

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