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You Don’t Stop Moving Because You Get Old
You Get Old Because You Stop Moving

Understanding a person’s motion health is important. Healthcare professionals use objective testing for most health assessments, and now you can for your client’s/patient’s muscles and joints as well. Yāna Motion Lab™ is setting the standard for musculoskeletal assessment by providing objective data to measure a person’s movement. Just as a blood pressure cuff is required in order to know a person’s blood pressure, you need an objective tool to measure their movements. Yāna Motion Lab™ is the blood pressure cuff for bones and joints.

Is Yāna For My Client or Patient?


They Feel Fine, Why Get Them Checked Out?
An essential aspect of good preventive health is knowing where a client or patient is starting from so that you can recognize any changes. For this reason, most people perform regular checks of their blood sugar, cholesterol, weight, blood pressure, etc. Now you can check your client's/patient's motion health in the same way with a tool that is both objective and consistent.


Does No Pain Mean No Problem?
Definitely not! Does high blood pressure hurt? Not until you have a heart attack. Many people have abnormal movements from old injuries, and these issues can cause future problems over time if not corrected.


Why Should I or my Patients Spend the Money
Because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Fixing an issue BEFORE it becomes a problem is a smart choice. Not only will a Yana assessment save you time in providing a total body assessment but will improve and focus your care decisions. Preventative care could also save them from getting injured in the future and allows you to provide an objective repeatable measuring tool to compare from one motion health checkup to the next.

Put Your Client/Patient’s Health First. Experience all that Yāna has to offer.

The Paradigm Shift

The advances in computational and cloud processing and motion capture technology have created a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in the tracking, set-up and measurement of musculoskeletal health and range of motion. In as little as 30 minutes you will have an objective, accurate and comprehensive look at your client’s complete movement pattern. This technology was simply not possible before and is more accurate and reproducible than techniques presently used. We like to think about markerless motion capture like a doctor performing a CT scan; while they can examine a patient with their hands, a CT scan gives far more information about their patient’s body and is now a gold standard evaluation tool for healthcare professionals around the globe. Yāna’s 3D markerless motion capture techniques and proprietary reporting protocols represent the same leap in information gathering and will soon be the new gold standard in musculoskeletal assessment.

Yāna’s Unique Body Motion Assessments

Our assessments are appropriate and useful for anyone looking to improve their overall health by understanding their baseline movement to minimize injury from potential unknown imbalances. We can assist weekend warriors or casual players looking to minimize injury potential or maximize recovery after injury. Knowing the status of their musculoskeletal system is just as important as knowing their blood pressure or cholesterol, and Yāna has the only comprehensive, fast, accurate, and clinically validated markerless tool available.

Our Assessments are Capable of:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A patient or client should come to the Yāna Motion Lab™ for any of the following reasons:

  • Routine preventative motion health maintenance
  • Starting a new training regime
  • The beginning of an athletic season
  • After an injury at work
  • Post athletic injury
  • Before starting a new job
  • After a car accident
  • Before starting physiotherapy
  • After any musculoskeletal injury

They should wear comfortable activewear and running shoes when they come to the lab. It’s ideal if they wear clothing that doesn’t restrict their movement in any way. You will be provided with advice in this area as part of the Yana support.